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A Wish Remembered

 "Serving Arizona families by Giving back to those who could loose so frame at a time."

Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome!!! and thank you for stopping by to take in the experience that is...A Wish Remembered. Here, we are all friends, and so it is my sincere hope that in becoming so, you'll understand, love, and appreciate the value of what I can do for you in providing what I know is your very best video & photography experience.

We do LOTS of cool photo and film projects here, but my speciality by far are my "Wish" projects, (and just what are those?)....well, when a terminally ill child is granted his or her "wish" by a charity, I'm called upon by the parents to document that day so that the parent or (parent's) can spent every moment together with their child. Later after editing these precious moments in time in hi-definition, these documentary dvd's are then given back to the families to be viewed and cherished of charge. So do check out the "A Wish Remembered" tab at the top to see what I'm talking about. And if you like what you see...then take just a moment and let your heart be touched and donate what ever you can. This my friends is how these precious moments in time are given back to the families free of charge. My passion and desire to do this is so strong that I gave up a 16 year career in law enforcement to do these Ultimate gifts of remembrance, and I won't stop!!!

I'm truly blessed to do what I do here in Beautiful Arizona, and have been told many times over the years that I'm doing God's work with these "A Wish Remembered" videos... I simply love it, and truly believe I am. So please, take a look around my site, enjoy the blog's, and if you're impressed enough, please tell a friend and help spread the word about what you've found here.

I hope to hear from you again! So check back later for new updates. There's much more to come as "we" continue to grow together on our journey of business friendship and compassion. Now enjoy!!!