A Wish Remembered

 "Preserving the granted wishes of terminally Ill children...
                               for generations to come."

A Wish Remembered

Why do I do this?...

Here at a Wish Remembered, I'm focused on providing film documentary services with the highest level of customer satisfaction for your child's most memorable day, and will do everything I can to meet or exceed your expectations with the utmost in privacy. With specialty services in providing a documentary of your child's special wish day with..."A Wish Remembered", I'm sure you'll be happy working with me. And best of all...NO CHARGE to you the parents. 

I've done wishes for many parents over the years and working with notable children's charities and the elderly is what I'm good at. So I hope you'll let me tell the story of your child's special day.

These documentaries are GIVEN by YOU (through your donations), and CREATED by me (through my talents as a filmmaker, editor and storyteller). So if you've ever wanted to not only do something that's just not "good enough", but over the top crazy good in this world...then look no further than where you are right now...and help support us as OUR mission to "give back" continues to grow. We're a team in this little journey (if you choose)...and I'd like to offer up something I saw on a shirt once... "It takes teamwork, to make the dream work".  Pretty darn cool I think.

I hope to see you back here again! Check back later for new updates to my website. There's much more to come as our friendship continues to grow.

***UPDATE*** October-10-2017

Here's a link to our latest magazine article:


Since many of you have asked about seeing some clips of the videos I've shot, working with a few of the Make-A-Wish Foundations and the parents, please be patient as not all parents want these wishes published. So out of respect to them, please understand.