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A Wish Remembered

 "Preserving the granted wishes of terminally Ill children, for generations to come."

J's Corner (My blog)

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The Road ahead...

Posted on November 4, 2017 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello everyone!!!

Well as of yesterday, all is once again looking great for "A Wish Remembered". We...(or I), was published in the Phoenix Voager magazine and have had nothing short of fantastic results!!! So...much love and blessings back to ya. Now let's get those donations flowing!!! I noticed a few awesome responses on Facebook already, one being from Kimberly Iverson that you may know as the founder of the Bucket List Foundation. She's awesome and you can read what she said over on Facebook along with the many others. So please cross your fingers and let's hope this story lands in front of the right person that will allow me to continue doing what I love so much. Here's where you guys can check out the whole article...


So the road ahead for now is looking pretty good...still have a ways to go to be able to travel out of state for some of these wishes, but we'll get there. In the mean time I'm looking for a set of parents who whould like to go on camera that wouldn't mind talking about A Wish Remembered. So look for something here on the website soon. 

A little about my surgery. As most of ya know I mentioned in my article that I was diagnosed four months ago with Prostrate cancer...YUK!!! Anyway, surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday (11/07). I'll be resting for about a week to ten day the doc says so not to much will get done around here. I will however try posting updates here and on Facebook just to keep you all informed. So DO feel free to drop in and wish me a speedy recovery.

That's about it for now my few but faithful followers. Just wanted to say a quick hello and let you guys know what's been going on. My love to you all till we talk again...

Your favorite videographer,


We're back!!!

Posted on September 12, 2017 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey everyone!!!

Swinging back at ya for some more updates. So, obviously you've seen the interview with Dianna Stagg and her passion project "Hope for Homes Inc." Let me tell ya, SUPER lady and a SUPER cause!!! So hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did shooting it. Ok, moving on...FINALLY heard back from Ms. Iverson (Owner and founder of the "Bucket List Foundation" based right here in Arizona. It's been almost four months since I've heard from her and the possibility of doing a project. Tiffany's project to be exact. So now it seems as if it'll be a go, and if'll be the first to learn of it right here. I think this time we're going to try something new in the way of funding these projects...I think a Crowdfunding site like indigogo, Kickstarter or gofundme will be a good approach, any comments, suggestions???

I can't tell you all how happy I was to hear from Ms. Iverson today...she told me that Tiffany's children were hit hard with the death of their mom and have had a pretty rough go of it as of late. SO...proceeding with a little caution, we'll see if having what most of you agree is the ULTIMATE gift of remembrance, is something they're ready for...fingers crossed!!!

Ok lastly for now...anyone out there know of ANY newspaper that here in the valley that would be interested in running a story on our little awesome business here, please let me know. I've tried contacting several already and NOT ONE has thought that what I do is worthy of their time, now how sad is that!!! So, help if ya can. 

Fall is just around the corner let's start getting in the mood, I can't wait!!! Love you all, and best wishes for a safe week ahead.

Justin 8).

Hometown Hero's...

Posted on August 31, 2017 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Afternoon all...

just came by real quick to announce for tomorrow (Sept. 1st) our Hometown Hero, Yeah!!! It'll be officially up on the site in the morning and will run for the whole month. I do want to give a nice "Shout Out" to my friend Michele who owns "Remembered Well" (dedicated to preserving the life stories of our seniors) for her suggestion that I interview her friend THANK YOU!!!

I do want to ask any of you out there if you know of any news paper that likes to run humanitarian stories. Since being here in Scottsdale I've tried 5 different news papers with no luck. I did have one (which I won't mention, just yet) that flat out told me they weren't interested in my sad!!! Anyway, I'll keep trying to get the word out in hopes that SOMEONE who knows Mr. Bob Parsons might come across this here or in an article someday. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. Ok, kiddo's...back to work!!! Love you one and all and seriously, shake the hand of a stranger tomorrow.

Till next we meet again...



Posted on July 21, 2017 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Hi everyone!!!

Tis, I...your favorite videographer, back again with some updates. First off, I HAVE GOT TO GET BETTER AT THIS!!! that being stopping by here at least once a week. You'd think that for a guy who mostly works from home that I'd have nothing but time...but I don't. Being a "one man band" so to speak requires a LOT more than you think. There are potential client meetings, actual video shoots, script prep, emails, equipment checks, budgeting, editing, and oh ya!!!...trying to be the best father I can to my still at home daughter. So ya...most days are pretty full from the start. I KNOW a few of you have asked in the past why I don't write a bit more, and just being these days is enough to keep you AND I busy. So I'll promise here and now to do my best to keep you up to date weekly. 

Ok, time for a "Kudo" or two. Yesterday, I had the oppertunity to meet with a truly wonderful lady named Michele Trent. She owns and operates her own business called "Remembered Well" that records the life histories of our awesome seniors. I must admit that after a review of her website at, and speaking with her for a few hours, she really struck me as one who's just as passionate about what she does as I am with what I do. This in anyone is something I truly admire!!! So if you know of a senior, or parent that would love to have his or her life story preserved for generations to come...please do check her out or just say hi on her website. She's truly a neat lady that I know you'd enjoy working with.

Lastly, I'm starting on a script for the upcoming project that I'll call simply as... "Tiffany's Wish", she passed a few weeks back and fortunately for her because of the efforts of the "Bucket List Foundation"...she was able to check off a last wish to see the Eiful Tower. So in order to give to her surviving children a video of her professionally edited last days, I'll be doing a "Gofund me" acount that once up I'll post here and on facebook telling you where to go to donate. Alright my faithful followers, time to dash off for now. As always, smile at a stranger, open a door, say hello as often as you can, and do your best to live inspired.

Your favorite videographer, 

Exciting news!!! (The project is a go...)

Posted on June 7, 2017 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone...

Sorry it took me an extra two days to bring you the news I told you about on facebook this past Friday. I was sorta detained by a visit to my doctors office but no worries to speak of yet. SO!!! on to the really great news. Any day now I'm expecting a text from the "Bucket List" founder (Kimberly Iverson) to arrange a meeting and drop off the pictures and video of Tiffany. What's awesome is that I have another wonderful opportunity to be able to give back to a family (her's) a gift of remembrance that will last a lifetime. As with ALL my video projects of this type, each has to be better than the last. I feel I owe it to those who will see this video for all the years to follow. I have to do my very best in giving Tiffany's wishes, dreams, plans...back to her children, and so I will...but this time in order to do this at such a rewarding high level of professionalism, that I'll be asking for your help.

So just how will I get this one done with your help??? remember now what I always say about these video's and how they're..."Given by you, and created by me". This time around I'll be setting up a "go-fund me" account where you'll be able to donate in a way that I think will be much different. Tiffany was a nurse who worked in after the account is set up, I'll be talking to and hitting up ANY and all nurses who would like to help. So for you guys who are here reading this...once the "go-fund me" account has been set up, I'll announce it here, facebook, instagram and any other place I can think of. So get ready my faithful followers to tell ALL your friends and family. 

Tiffany just had her "End of life" celebration this past Friday, and from what I saw of the pictures and video posted on was simply awesome. I can't wait for us to get started on this project!!! Ok thank you one and all for stopping by to read this...


Life is precious...

Posted on May 10, 2017 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi everyone...and welcome to our 2nd entry.

I'd like to just take a moment here to share with you what my good friend and founder of the "Bucket List Foundation" (Kimberly Iverson) shared with me yesterday. I'll try attaching the letter and photo of this wonderful woman in hopes to maybe bring awareness and attention as to how short a life can often be. I'll be working on this project as time is of the essence, so do come back and check for possible updates as it progresses.

Also in the news, many of you may have seen, Ive started to try bringing some attention to what I do here by blasting out on facebook to what they say will be at least 750,000 of you so...fingers crossed.

Lastly, gonna be checking into maybe doing a "Go fund me" account for this latest project, so once I have it up I'll let you all know where you can go to check it out and maybe show your support with a small donation. Oh ya!!! almost forgot, I'm also reaching out to the "Sun City Times" here to see if they would like to do a story on A Wish Remembered. Again, I'll let you all know how that progresses. Thank you all for the love and support each and every one of you continue to show.


New beginnings... 1st blog

Posted on April 13, 2017 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey everyone!!!

Welcome to the first blog entry of "A Wish Remembered". It's my hope and wish that as "we" continue to grow as a family of friends that I'll be able to deliver some truly great content with regards to things going on with AWR (...mostly from here on out, "A Wish Remembered"). So as for stepping into the world of blogging, I have to admit that I honestly don't have a clue, so if any of you who want to offer up some advice, I'd love to hear from ya. Also...if any of you have questions about anything here, or from your own experiences, feel free to share with us. This circle of friends, people who share the day to day struggles with pediatric cancer in their lives, is what I hope this forum will provide. A place for discussion or comments, or just to vent a little perhaps. Ok so anyway, just wanted to start this new page off with a little welcome to you all. Till the next post, SMILE at a stranger today and see if it doesn't make you feel just a little better inside.